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Tablas dive site
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scuba divers Tablas dive site

TPS House Reef

Max Depth 15m

Level: OW+

Travel time: Shore entry

Walk straight out from our amazing white sand beach to our beautiful house reef. A short  swim will take you to Cabalian Sanctuary, a protected area designated as no fishing and no boat zone. Amazing coral heads in only 5m or water covered in juvenile reef fish. This is also a great site to enjoy a night dive after the watching a spectacular sunset.

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beautiful Forrest underwater Tablas dive site

Gorgonian Forest

Max Depth 40m

Level: Deep Specialty+

Travel Time: 25mins

Named after the Giant Sea fans that cover this steep rocky reef. This is a dive for more experience divers due to its depth. Best time to dive this site is during slack high tide to avoid the current as this is a blue water descent to reach the spectacular depths below. Some of these fans extend their branches over 4m into the deep blue waters.

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Monumentvally Tablas dive site

Monument Valley

Max depth 21m

Level: OW+

Travel Time: 20mins

Just around the point on the east side of the island lays a beautiful site that divers of all levels will enjoy. The landscape of this dive makes it quite unique and also where is  draws its namesake from. Towering coral heads raise above you out of the sandy desert below filled with cracks and crevasses to explore as well as a small swim through to test your buoyancy skills

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simon sanctuary Tablas dive site

Simon's Sanctuary

Max depth 18m

Level: OW+

Travel Time: 5 mins

After more than two years of working with local government, Simon was successful in having this area official classified as a Marine Reserve in June 2019. This serves to protect the coral reef in Cabalian, Santa Fe. This area is a breeding ground for many fish species, giving juveniles a place to grow up and replenish the fish population inthe surrounding waters. The corals start only meters from shore and stretches from Tablas Point resort in the North to Cabalian Beach Point in the South, and out to around 150m offshore.

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Cave diving Tablas dive site


Max depth 30m

Level: AOW+

Travel time: 45 mins

This is a very big cave with a large entrance, so, apart from the depth, it is safe for all level of divers. At the back of the cave there are many cracks and fissures which often contain sleeping big fish, including marbled grouper and lapu lapu. There is good fish life, all along the wall if you keep an eye into the blue water there is the chance you will see some larger pelagic species .

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Tablas nudis


Max Depth 20m

Level: OW+

Travel time: 25 min


This site has something for everyone but especially those of you who enjoy the smaller marine life. A great place for macro hunters. On the reef you will find numerous species of Nudibranchs. This gives way to a rubble/sandy bottom where if you’re lucky and have good eyes you can spot such wonders as the rare Flamboyant Cuttlefish along with other macro gems. Be sure to take your camera and macro lens and stick close to our guide.

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Max Depth 30m

Level: AOW+

Travel time: 5 min

Sometimes you don’t need to travel away from home to have a great time. Staycation is right on our door step and its one of our favourite discoveries so far. Heading straight out deeper from our house reef, the site drops down into some interesting small walls and rocky outcrops. Because of the landscape and depth this is a popular place for larger fish to hang out. Often spotted here are big groups of Midnight Snapper along with adult and juvenile batfish.

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diving Tablas scuba pro

School Yard

Max Depth 25m

Level: OW+

Travel time: 20 min

School Yard takes its name from Agmanic Elementary School that sits on the point overlooking the dive site. Start with a shallow entry and follow a shallow sloping reef out to the west. Lots of hard coral formations and individual coral heads provide a great habitat for juvenile fish such as snapper and sweetlips. Best dived on a slack tide as the current can pick up as you head deeper. Be aware of off shore currents taking you deeper than planned due to the shape of the coast.

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