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flights to Tablas
Flights to Tablas

By Airplane from Manila to Caticlan's Airport (Panay Island), 30 flights every day. Then take the Bangka boat from Tabon's baybay port to Santa Fe (Tablas Island).

By Airplane from Manila to Tugdan Airport (Tablas Island), with 3 flights per week. Tue, Thur and Sat - and 1 hour driving by van to Tablas Pro Scuba.


Take the Ferry from Manila with bus 2 - 3 hour to Batangas, and ship 6 hours to Odiongan (Tablas Island), then car on nice and rough road for 1.5 hours to Pili Beach

Ferry line options are 2GO, Montenegro Lines and Starlite.

Ferry to Tablas
Ferry to Tablas from Batangas Port
  • Helicopter from Caticlan Airport to Santa Fe in 10 min. 10 min with max 3 passengers.​

  • Bangka boat to Santa-Fe (Tablas Island) 1 hour up to 90 min travel over sea from Caticlan. Time varies, but generally leaves Caticlan at 9AM-10AM. Book onsite at the jetty port reclamation area. First come first serve basis.​

  • Pick up with speedboat or Bangka boat from Boracay Island, and 30 to 90 min travel on sea, depends on the waves and weather. Reservation required.

how to get to Tabloas
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